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Web - Changelog
Web - Changelog

17.11.2017 (In dev.)

  • Character Manager in admin panel fixed to not reset spec/spec_id when editing chars.
  • Onyxia Reset table fixed.
  • Raid Sheets fixed (until someone finds a new bug).
  • Main/Alt duplicate signups fixed.
  • Privilege Checker updated in admin panel.


  • Reworked Raid Sheets
  • New function to split a raid into 2 smaller (40->2x 20) in Edit Event
  • More info in character viewer
  • Fixed rank/access problems
  • Fixed Signup / Drafting issues with updating drafted list
  • Bunch of shit


  • Site - Upcoming events, raid resets and what not is now visible in the top of main page.
  • Site - World Bosses with window opening/closing available in the site' right col. Event admins can nuke the window/timeframe to start a new cooldown once a boss has been killed. Only visible to raid-eligible members.
  • Admin - New link to All Items in admin panel' right col. This is only to reassign loot to their correct locations if a mistake has been made, and some items is located in the wrong raid instance and/or boss.
  • Admin - BiS Lists now have +2 trinket slots for special items such as ZG trinkets.
  • Admin - BiS Lists now have 4 Utility items, where anything goes, such as Annihilator/Nightfall.
  • Events - Characters signed up for events/raids now shows the previous 8 weeks signup status for Attended/Standby/Not Attending/No-Show.
  • Roster - All ranks from Social and up to Guild Master/Officer now visible in roster, without the need to toggle any ranks.
  • Info - New link in the menu Info, called Crafting. All crafting-related stuff goes here.


  • Site - Viewing applications now requires permissions set by admins, defaulting to rank privileges.
  • Event Admins - Cleaned up the underlaying code and way the raidpools are generated, which reduces drag-n-drop 'lag' significantly.
  • Event Admins - Signup Types (Attending, Standby ... No-Show) will now automatically have a empty filler-spot to which a character can be dragged onto, if the signup type table is empty.
  • Event Admins - Duplicates will now light up like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, on fire, if two characters from the same account is drafted to one event id.
  • Moving away from overall character attendance due to swapping of mains and what not is making my face painful, along with old players coming back having a complete shit attendance now.
  • Event - Raid Pool + Attendees tables now shows total raids attended, signed up, not attended and not showing up for, counting the previous 8 weeks.
  • Signup - Players who are not yet sure whether or not they can attend a raid, can pick "Pending" in the dropdown for signup, and be correctly listed as pending in the raid pool, for each event.
  • Signup - All characters are now collectively signed up, given they are marked for raiding, enabling a single note per player, to be displayed as a warning-sign icon next to the character(s) name(s), which can be seen by hovering the cursor over said icon.


  • Sheets - Fucking typo fixed in BWL-sheet.
  • Items - Timestamp corresponding with looted item in character history is now sorted.
  • Site Admins - Raid Pool for bound events is now a collective, enabling drag-n-drop in mirrored event pool, including all signup-types.
  • Event Admins - New stats next to ItemList in Group View shows Attended (drafted to raid), Signed up for given raid instance, as well as n No-Show, for each character, counting the last 8 weeks for signup/draft, with no limit on no-show timespan.
  • Signups - Signup Notes/Comments now available when in event view or whatever, signing up to raids.
  • Signups - When signing up for events/raids, all characters linked to your account, marked for attendance (Raid-characters, both mains and alts) will be signed up simultaneously, disabling the option to cherrypick days for specific characters.


  • New round with loginbullshit. Changed some things around. Let's try.
  • Site Admins - Can now assign alts to other characters in Admin > Roster.
  • Site Admins - Rework of Admin Panel.
  • Site Admins - Added Applicationlist/viewer in panel.
  • Spaghetti-cleanup of Stylesheet, and how pages are being generated started.
  • BWL Sheet Tank #1 + #4 on Lootdrakes fixed (unless science).


  • Event Admins - Same-Account characters will show a conflict while being stacked into a raid.
  • Event View - Sheets / Attendees will now be hidden on raid-end on Sunday (23:00), showing all loot for both groups, as soon as it is added to the run.
  • "Remember Me" function should update the header's Log In/Out button properly.
  • Cosmetic - Thunderfury Icon is now our Favicon.
  • BiS Item List - One-Hand weapons now available in main/off, not bound to one slot.
  • BiS Item List - Chest, Main/Off Hand, Trinket slot fixed.
  • Event Admins - Event Order in group view fixed, along with anything related to said order (like signup group colors)
  • Events - Attendance now visible in raidpool / groups. (If anyone think something is wrong, i wont investigate until you've sorted your spec/build on your character (roster > click on name)).
  • Character Viewer - Error fetching userdata for characters not yet assigned to a user fixed.
  • Roster - Attendance is now shown for all characters. There might be 1 raid missing on a couple characters (Sahayek + Matmomsen), as this is a +1 shift in favor of Sahayek due to assisting one bwl run in place. This is logged and will be added later (low priority at the moment).


  • Event Admins - Build Specialization now showing in signups
  • Info - Consumables is now available under Info-button in the menu
  • Sheets - MageTank Healer added to Technician Packs


  • Sheets - Pullers, Sheepers added to BWL Supression Room sheet
  • Sheets - BOP for 5 palas added. Target #1 + #2det


  • Applications form fixed
  • Sheets - BWL Sheet has 4x6 new fields for Razorgore phase 1, to assign dps for each corner


  • Password Recovery added via login
  • Login screen has a new dropdown to 'remember' for 31 days
  • Added Discord ID to application form
  • Added Discord Settings to Main Character View
  • Event Admins - Fixed so mirror-raids shows up properly in event-editor
  • Event Admins - Bound events automatically created if date is selected for group b
  • Event Admins - Attendees can now be copied with "Copy Players" in event edit, which also unlinks signups from mirror raid
  • Sheets - Orb-phase on razorgore added, with designated tanks/healers for North, South, East, West
  • Sheets - Added Orb Controller on Razorgore
  • Sheets - Added banishers, floating resource pool (players), to sheet editing
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