Nidvardir - F.A.Q
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How do I get full discord access?

When/If you get accepted to the guild, you need to send a PM on discord to your classleader or an officer for full discord access. Check contactlist for officer names.

 Nidvardir Server Invite Link:




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Current raid days:

Thursday:    BWL+MC       (19:00-23:00)

Sunday:       BWL+MC       (19:00-23:00)


We run double raids each reset. Invites start 18:30, and you have to be in raid latest 18:50. Check news on discord on who to contatc for invites.

Log on to discord and join the raidchannel.

Be ready with all world buffs, and we pop Onyxia head 19:00.

Gather up at the tree and start buffing the raid while we await head buff.

Get water from mages, and when buff hits we fly together to Burning Steppes.

Pop Greater Frost prot potion before you fly, and pop greater arcane prot when we land.

This will help against horde raids that will try to gank, and will last untill Shazz, so no money wasted. It will also help against Garr, less chance to lose world buffs. Think how long time you spent to get those world buffs, worth some gold to assure we get in safe.

Very important to have Greater Fire Prot or FAP ready when we enter BRD. Raidleader will call if it will be neccessary.

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What are the loot rules and how do you decide the loot?

 Lootrules on BIS items: Attendance > Performance > Upgrade.

Lootrules on everything else: Gets divided equally by the number of raids attendedand compared to previous loot. Non-pve items are rolled out to raid.


What about BOE items that drop in raids?


All BOEs that are better than pre raid BIS will get divided out on Tuesday after officer meeting.

This is CLs job, and all questions regarding BOE items should be forwarded to the respective CL.

All items that are NOT better than preraid BIS will get sold by Gbank.

If you want an item for some reason, contact your CL and you can either get it or buy it for a considerable discount.

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How do ranks work?

About ranks:
Socials: Will have access to raid signups and will be able to raid. Will be the first to not get picked for raids if full. They will have a fair chance to get loot that is not BIS, and CL and loot council will look on amount of raids attended and compare it to the other players interested in the item. BIS items will only get handed to Socials if no other player in the raids needs the item.

Trials: Same as socials, but will get BIS items before socials. An expected time for the trial period to end is minimum five attended raids/resets(MC/BWL). In the end up to CL to decide.

Marauders: BIS loot priority over Trials. Expected to have a Raid Attendence (RA) over 50%, anythinglower gets demoted to social.

Berserkers: Will have the highest prio to loot, same level as officers and CL. Expected a high quality of performance and consistency in raids. Minimum of 80% raid attendance. Will also get access to officer meetings, but will have to wait with questions or input until end of meeting or asked for input.

Alts: Raiding alts will get attendance recorded and will be able to compete with other mains. However, alts who don’t have a raid attendance over 60% will be in the same category as Socials.

Officer roles file_upload


Gbank - Styrer guildbank, investerer, setter regler osv på hva som selges etc. (Longview)

Recruiter - Har ansvar for å holde styr på hvor mange vi er/trenger og være aktiv og friendly. Lage posts på reddit, discord, elysium webpage. ETC.Ledd ned til CLs (Longview)

Administativ- Holde excel sheets clean, attendence + loot føring (Northium)

Raidleader - Ansvar for at raids skjer, og at de blir gjennomført på en bra måte. (Longview)

Informer - GMOTD, Website, Forum (Northium, Metril)

Loot council: Fordeling av loot. Alt som ikke er BIS eller T1+T2 fordeles av CL alene. BIS items er Class leader + Council (Northium, Metril, Longview)

Classleaders: Ansvar for performance, speccs, loot fordeling,+rank improvements.

Berserkers har nå også tilgang til officermeetings, hvor de kan være med ålytte. Etter dagsorden er gjennomgått vil Berserkers kunne komme med deres innspill. Grunnen for disse reglene er å holde meetings mest mulig ryddig, og kan fort bli kaos med for mange innspill.


Contact List file_upload

Hvem skal du kontakte?

Lorne – Maintank, all tank releated stuff goes to him

Northium – Sheets, missing items on webpage etc.

Longview – Guild master, Gbank, informant and recruiter. All guild related stuff or recruitment questions goes to him

Longview – Recruiter, Raidleader,All tactics can be discussed with him.


Asura – Warlock classleader, all warlock related questions goes to him.

Arstneio – Mage Classleader, all mage related questions goes to him

Matmomsen – Rogue classleader, all rogue related questions goes to him

Helyglys – Druid classleader, all druid related questions goes to him

Longview – Warrior classleader, all warrior related questions goes to him

Corinth – Priest classleader, all priest related questions goes to him

Proprix – Hunter classleader, all hunter related questions goes to him

Sink – Paladin classleader, all paladin related questions goes to him

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Do you do speedruns?
Speedruns: Every 4-6th reset we do a speedrun where we gather the core and do our best to max out everything. This is to check our strength compared to the other guilds, and keep things interesting. Check consumable list for what to bring

Attendence file_upload


How do you keep track of attendence:


We keep a full track on attendance and loot directly on this website. You will get attendance for signing ready to raid. If you don’t get a raid spot, you will still get attendance for the raid. If the attendance and performance is good enough, you will improve your ranks.


The current ranks are Social<Trial<Marauder(raider)<Berserker (Core raider).


Expectations to you file_upload

What does Nidvardir expect from members in raids?

Regardless of rank, we expect all players who participate in a Nidvardir Raid to carry their own weight.

You should always bring and pop the minimum required consumables, have the correct specc, be alert and active during raids.

Preraid BIS and enchants should continually be worked on.

We have no trouble taking in undergeared newly dinged characters for them to learn the ropes, but we won’t ever gear up a character in raid, not without them getting preraid BIS.

We also highly recommend people to get world buffs like DM and songflower before raid starts. On new content not on farm its expected to bring world buffs to raids. We pop Ony/Nef head together before we fly to BRM.

Failure to fulfil the requirements above will get you overlooked when raid gets picked on Tuesdays 20:00.

We all want smooth and quick runs, and people who all help the raid move forward. Slacking and not helping the raid go better is a no go. We don’t regulate much, but when it comes to raid time we try to make it as good as possible, every time. All 40 benefits from this, and this is the same reason we use good setups and avoid offspecc classes that simply don’t carry their weight.


Worldbuffs file_upload

Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer +10% Spell Crit, +5% Melee/Ranged Crit, +140 AP - 120 min

 Songflower Serenade +15 all stats, +5% Spell/Melee/Ranged Crit - 60 min

Resist Fire+83 Fire Resistance - 60 min

DM North Buffs (DM Tribute) Slip'kik's Savvy ,Fengus' Ferocity ,Mol'dar's Moxie

Sayge's Fortunes (Darkmoon Faire) Choose between +10% Damage/+10% Agi, Int, Spirit, Stam or Str/+10% armor/+25 magic resist - 120 min (Patch 1.6)

Spirit of Zandalar +10% Movement Speed, +15% Stats - 120 min (Patch 1.7 - Persists through death up until patch 1.11)

Lordaeron's Blessing +5% Max HP - 30 min (Patch 1.11)

Traces of Silithyst +5% Damage 30 min (Patch 1.12)



First go to DM and clear a DM tribute, get all 3 buffs then move to darnasus.

Fly to felwood, and log out 10 seconds before landing.


Log on to discord and await info regarding pick around 18:45. Flowerspawns

Pick flower while on discord, all pick up at the same time. WAIT for countdown.

Portal to SW, and log out, waiting for Onyxia buff.


On weeks with Darkmoon Faire, you get DM buffs, then HS/port to SW. You answer 1-1 for 10% damage increase buff. This is not a 10% flat buff, even if the bufficon says so. Check how much increase you have by checking your character screen melee or ranged dps with your cursor. If it is not a good buff, log out and wait 2 hours before reapplying the buff. When a good buff is aquired you can either port to darna and get songflower, or disregard songflower and wait for onyxiabuff.

All Darkmoon Faire buffs here:


Worldbuffs, are they required for raids?


We strongly advise you to get worldbuffs before raids. We review performance after raids, and if you plan to perform well, worldbuffs are essential. When you got songflower and DM buffs, log out in SW and wait for Onyxia/Nefarion head. Get on the raid discord channel and wait in the raid channel before raid start. RL will tell you when to log on to receive head buff. A raid without worldbuffs vs a raid with worldbuffs is on another level.

Alt characters in raids file_upload

Alt attendance get logged the same way your main character gets logged. If you are asked to come on your alt instead of the main, your main will also get attendance.

If you plan to frequently raid on your alt and your main your alt will get treated as a main character, with ranks and loot distribution. This is for alts that raid more than 60-70 % Raid attendance or more. Other alts will compete against socials for raidspots, where preraid BIS gear will decide who get the spot.


Do I have to be Scandinavian to join Nidvardir? file_upload

 No, we take in players of high quality that don’t speak any of the Scandinavian languages. However if you don’t want to be in a guild where 70% of the voice and gchat will be in a foreign language, this may not be the guild for you.

Do you take in low levels? file_upload

 Yes, we take in players that are level 40+ as socials.

What about socials? file_upload

We take in all socials that want to join. Requirements for the socials that join is that you behave like an adult when interacting to other players on the server. Avoid toxic language and help the server community be better with you in it. If you apply on the guild site you will get access to sign on all the raids you want, but we cannot guarantee you raid spots.

Guildbank file_upload

Longview is the gbank controller. None of the gold coming in to the gbank is getting spent on personal stuff. We have a transparency with the gbank and Longview keeps the guild informed of current state.

Gbank is always trying to invest and earn money from investments and stacking up on raid consumables that will be given out to the raid on certain occasions. Example: When BWL released gbank gave out 80 flasks to the raid, now we are building up a stockpile of flasks and nature res pots for AQ. 

Examples like: Lornes thunderfury was 100% payed for by Lorne, and Krugzors eye won’t use gbank resources to craft hand of Ragnaros. Guild will give discount on sulfuron ingots though.


Meaning and origin of "Nidvardir" file_upload

What does Nidvardir mean?

It’s from the old norse language, with “nid” meaning evil and “vardir” translating to “guardian”. So it’s more or less “Guardians of Evil”, or Guardians from Evil.

Where did it originate from?

When Age of Conan was released, Krugzor joined and played in a guild called Nidvardir. The guild was good, but the game failed to live up its potential. The name stuck with me, and I made a Nidvardir a couple of times in wow retail, before we decided to go back to vanilla with it,

Worldbosses file_upload

How can I attend the world boss events with the guild?

First you have to get access to the world boss channel on discord. Write your interest on discord and you will get access. It’s also required to have a clicker in each zone (level 1 summoner) and you should have a lvl 20 or more warlock for summoning in one of the zones. If you don’t have a summoner, find another player that lacks a summoner and boost each other up to 20. It takes around 3 hours from 1-20 with effective mob tagging.

How does loot and world boss work?

We have a separate world boss attendance sheet that will report people in the zone on the time of the kill. The more kills you are part of the bigger the chance you will get the loot. So, the ones that are most active will get loot. We are in a collaboration with 4 other guilds, so loot is scarce.


ZG Stuff file_upload

Class Enchants

It is expected that ALL marauders and berserkers get at least two of these, one for head and one for legs. Think ahead! These are the best leg and head enchants for most classes out the entire game. Every time you upgrade these slots you will need another.

Druid + Paladin + Warrior

  • 1 Libram of Protection
  • 1 Pristine Black Diamond
  • 2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 1 Frayed Abomination Stitching
  • Punctured Voodoo Doll
  • Hakkari Bindings (Druid), Shawl (Paladin), Aegis (Warrior)

Hunter + Rogue

  • 1 Libram of Rapidity
  • 1 Pristine Black Diamond
  • 2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 2 Blood of Heroes
  • Punctured Voodoo Doll
  • Hakkari Stanchion (Hunter), Kossack (Rogue)

Priest + Mage + Warlock

  • 1 Libram of Focus
  • 1 Pristine Black Diamond
  • 2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 2 Skin of Shadow
  • Punctured Voodoo Doll
  • Hakkari Tabard (Priest), Girdle (Mage), Armsplint (Warlock)

Gurubashi Mojo Madness

Needed for summoning optional bosses known as "Edge of Madness". These bosses rotate on a two-week schedule, and they drop one of the four items required to create class trinkets. Druids and Priests will get these for PvE.

List of class trinkets

Materials required to summon these bosses (created by an alchemist):

  • 1 Black Lotus
  • 1 Massive Mojo
  • 6 Powerful Mojo
  • 1 Blood of Heroes

Weapon Oils

Healers (per 5 charges)

  • 2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 3 Purple Lotus
  • 1 Imbued Vial

Wizards (per 5 charges)

  • 2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 3 Firebloom
  • 1 Imbued Vial

Mageblood Potion

  • 1 Dreamfoil
  • 2 Plaguebloom
  • 1 Crystal Vial

Bloodvine Garb


  • 10 Mooncloth
  • 12 Bloodvine
  • 8 Powerful Mojo
  • 12 Bolt of Runecloth
  • 8 Ironweb Spider Silk
  • 4 Enchanted Leather
Crafting - What can our guild craft? file_upload